Spotify Launches “Fan Insights” Free Artist Analytics Platform

image from www.spotifyartists.comImagine if an artist could concentrate their touring only where your fans are? Imagine music marketers could concentrate more effort into magnifying new fan interest as it happened? These are the two part holy grail of the modern music industry.


With 75 million users logging 20 billion hours of listening each year, Spotify collects a lot of data. Now they're sharing it with creators via a just launched  Fan Insights dashboard designed to help artists understand listener activity on Spotify. 

Still in limited beta Fan Insights are designed to help artists better understand:

  • image from www.spotifyartists.comWho their fans are, including demographic information.
  • Where their listeners are in the world and how this audience is evolving and growing over time.
  • How their fan base is listening and their other music preferences.
  • The level of passion and engagement of fans and how these behaviors differ between passionate and casual listeners.
  • Top playlists that feature their music.

Fan Insights is rolling out in beta today on desktop computers and a basic version is available on mobile. They will open up broader access in the coming months. Artists interested in learning more now can request access here.


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