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THE PITCH: Mixvisor – More Than A Replacement For

The pitchTHE PITCH today comes from Mixvisor, The startup is creating intelligent emdebable music players that pull information from any web page and music from Apple Music and Spotify.  It sounds like a replacement for the just defunct, but it's more than that.  As with other promising music tech startups we've given Mixvisor 100 words to pitch their product. 

mixvisor logo

Mixvisor makes free web music player for blogs, festival websites, and music labels, detects artist names within page content and automatically creates a playlist of their tracks. We are automating the playlist curation process for web publishers.

With data captured from our music players, we also provide website publishers with metrics such as play counts, user geographies, and user listening habits, which can be used to inform content and marketing strategies. More @

Mixvisor   The Intelligent Web Player

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