What Are Your Favorite Music Industry Hashtags? We Share Ours

image from www.nonprofitmarketingguide.comWay back in 2011,  we recently asked Hypebot readers to share their favorite and most productive hashtags for music industry news. Their recommendations then ranged from the popular to the now barely-used. It's time to update the list and we need your help.  

At Hypebot we've been these with some success: #musician #musicians #music, #musicbusiness #musicindustry and #muiscbiz. (We wish we could all just agree on one of the last three and stick to it…). In 2011, these were the suggestions:


  • hashtagsBobby Owsinski is the prolific author of the blog and book “Music 3.0,” which is loaded with insight on companies use social media and how you can use that media also. He provided a long list of hashtags, most very widely used, that apply to his blog:

#musicbiz, #musicbusiness, #musicindustry, #musicadvice, #musicmarketing, #crowdfunding, #recordlabels, #artistadvice, #majors, #musicindustrytips.

  • Sonicbids is a leading company connecting bands to promoters. They tweeted to suggesting #ArtistTip and #MusicNews, both of which are widely used.
  • Jennie Walker is a recording artist, philanthropist, and up and coming music publisher, with a new CD coming out shortly and a recent win in a major business contest.

She uses her recommendations, #MM, #MusicMonday, to promote new artists and her favorite music companies. Both are very heavily used and associated with interesting posts.

  •  Madalyn Sklar is a music business and all around social media coach. She authors several blogs about the use of social media in various industries, and is the founder and leader of Go Girls Music. Go Girls, an organization that promotes women in music, uses #ggchat. Madalyn also recently started a daily music biz tip, and puts out a useful tip regularly with #madalynstip.
  • Commenter Just Someone suggested #stayindependent, a tag line from a social media business that reflects the spirit of indie music. His hope is to turn the tag line into a rallying cry for independent musicians.

What are your favorite music industry hashtags?

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