What I Learned About The Record Industry By Carsharing With A Millenial

2Today's generation of young adults has rarely, if ever, had to pay for music, having grown up during the reign of the illegal MP3, and now living in the golden age of freemium streaming. This raises some tough questions about whether or not these consumers will ever be willing to part with solid cash for music.


In this article on MusicThinkTank, Pierre Priot recounts his recent experience carsharing with a millenial, what the experience taught him about how young adults of today consume music, and why it seems unlikely that they'll ever be willing to pay for music of any kind.

"As he mentions it, there’s a fringe of these kids keeping up with music, digging new sounds over legit streaming services, but most of his generation mates act just like he does.This generation never paid for music. That’s a fact. They were raised while MP3 rampaged the industry – remember those Naptster days? – and now they’re adults it’s free streaming time, Youtube and my-guy-with-shit-load-of-mp3 dealer of a friend."

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