Why Your Current Songs Probably Won’t Work For Television Or Film

6There's no denying it can be tough for artists to make money, particularly these days, and so the prospect of getting one's current work featured in a film or episode of a popular television series carries significant appeal. Unfortunately, the chances of your song fitting the bill are slim.


As Eric Campbell writes in a recent post on MusicThinkTank, there's not much point in taking songs you've had lying around on your hard drive and trying to get them placed in a television series or movie, as the process of writing music for such things has its own set of rules and regulations.

"…the screen is already telling a story – the actors, the background setting and the dialog are all working together to give the listener an experience.  Music is often needed to accentuate or add to the story that’s being told.  However, it can’t conflict or take away or tell a different story from the one that’s already on the screen. "

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