5 Reasons Every DJ Needs High-End Headphones

4 (1)A set of headphones is an essential tool for any DJ,  and while many may try to avoid purchasing a high-end pair in exchange for more economically priced ear gear, skimping on quality can be detrimental not just to sound quality but also to the career of a budding DJ.


In his recent post on MusicThinkTank, Matt Davis provides five compelling reasons why top notch headphones are a worthy investment for any DJ who is at all serious about their career, whether it's for the improved quality control or simply the status symbol.

"When you know for a fact, that your headphones produce very accurate and detailed sound, you can free your creativity from worry and just enjoy the progress. Especially in public performances, being a DJ isn’t all about mixing music, you have to worry about the environment as well. Does the crowd like your tunes so far, is the lighting ruining the mood, are people approaching you, these things are stealing your attention from focusing on the music."

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