8 awesome marketing tactics for Hannukah you can use for Christmas

image from www.chanukahmahjong.comIt wouldn't be an amazing 8 nights of Hanukah without working on your music career, so here are 8 things you must do to redeem yourself and move your career forward in the final days of our holiday season.

I know we are a couple days into Chanukah, or Hannukah, or whatever way you spell it, but it is always a good time to do some miracles, which is what Chanukah  is really all about. (disclaimer: I will spell Hanukah different every time as there are really over 10 ways to spell it.)

  1. Listen to an 8 minute mixtape by Dillz and Diwon Can't start out a holiday without plugging holiday tunes.  I made a clever 8 minute mixtape with Diwon to blend in with those on a time constraint. Listen to it on soundcloud here

       2.   Make a holiday calendar like Zale – Get pretty and take some pictures. 8 nights of Zale is a delicious way you can learn how to make your own holiday calendar.  Follow here here to see.

        3.  Shock the world with a song like Too Short – Does anyone ever expect you to do what you are about to do. Yes they do. All the time. But if Too Short can think it, so can you. HIs Hannukah Song shouts out Judah MAccabiatch!! And he lands in TMZ. Listen to it here.

       4.  The over priced Sale – This is always interesting. Has anyone tried it? What better way to do a sale than to not really  have one. If you don't sell so much, why change it anyways? Maybe make a bigger package where you get everything for one price period. Look at my sale

       5.  Holiday LivestreamWhy not take a chance and give your fans a present that we can see with a christmas show? or maybe a christmas eve show? Now is the perfect time to promote and re-earn money you are spending on friends. Check  out Streamup, which is like a better more HD version of Periscope

      6.  Buy fans coffee cards – Imagine if you actually stopped thinking of yourself and bought coffee for people who really deserved and wanted one? (I should take my own advice and do it more often) You can use this now starting  sunday and do the 12 days of christmas. Just give me credit. Try Dunkin Donuts Cards.

     7. "A Call to Share"Phone Call Contest– Caring about people is one thing. Making them music is another. How much effort does it take to call people ask them how they are doing?  This can be a contest of sharing and write ups by the fans and then you can call those. Imagine 40 shares on facebook and 30 phone calls? Take you two hours tops!

     8. Post about your favorite artists to your fans – Sure you are busy worrying about your business and your fans. Now is the time to be giving, so maybe you do promoted posts about your friends. They always appreciate, and so do your  supporters. I think it is a win win situation.

     9.The Shamash(9th Candle) – Holiday Playlist  – I made a Hannukah playlist that could beat up christmas in anyway              shape or form. Listen to the playlist here via Billboard. Maybe you can do a playlist too? Of course you can. The world will              love it too. BTW, the Shamash is the candle you light other candles with. Think about that.


Well there you have it. 8 marketing tactics for 8 nights of Hannukah is a catchy way to make someone wanna read something related to Hannukah because they have some guilt they aren't doing enough, and now that you have clicked here and Hannukah is almost over, how can you implement this into the rest of your 2015?

Feel free to let us know what I shoud've added in the comment section. 

Kosha Dillz is a rapper that just tours frequently with Turquoise Jeep and Matisyahu, and he just released an 8 minute mixtape for Hanukah with Diwon. Listen to that mixtape here. He also wrote some cool Op-Eds for  Billboard. If you want to contact him and pay him a million dollars for things like rapping and writing , contact him at rapperfriends(at)gmail.com 

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