Creating Value In Email Download Campaigns

8i0KbMrjGetting a fan to fork over their e-mail isn't always easy, but by offering them access to exclusive content, a clear incentive is established which can pave the way for a future of mutually beneficial digital exchanges.


Guest Post by Kevin Rankin of The Orchard on The Daily Rind

The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing, and with a plethora of new tools, gadgets and gizmo’s, there are always new ways to connect with your audience and market music to them.

In the build up to a record’s release, consider your marketing and advertising strategy and whether you have direct access to the people that matter: the fans. Email is still an incredibly valuable resource for the marketer, giving you direct access into a fan’s inbox, and thus should be utilised within your campaign.

Asking for a fan’s email and offering nothing in return will only go so far. Yes, there will be those die-hard fans who’ll give that up straight away, but don’t expect significant results. Instead, there needs to be a clear incentive for an individual to part with their information, and a surefire way to do this is to offer something exclusive. Consider an alternative version of a song, a never before heard track, b-side or a remix to improve your results. Not only does this strengthen the relationship with your consumer base, but it also shows them there is value in sharing their contacts. It’s mutual and over time can provide you with a very healthy list of people who will engage with your content.

Chances are, the people who have opened up their inboxes will be more likely to buy your records, since they’ve shown a genuine interest in you and what you are doing. Capitalise on this, treat these fans as super fans and ensure the content you push to these people is relevant, engaging, and of genuine value. Remember that you also have the ability to incorporate emails into your advertising campaigns, allowing you to specifically target these individuals and monitor their interaction with what you’re putting forward. Do not miss out on these valuable opportunities.

Email-for-download-250x219Ready to rock? There are some great free tools out there that can help you carry out an email-for-download campaign, for example Show.co, NoiseTrade and UnlockFM. With simple interfaces, each of the above is easy to use, with free and affordable tiers to fit your needs.

It’s important to remember that once you have a healthy list of emails, you should maintain communication and continue to push interesting news their way. Give fans a behind-the-scenes look at how a record was made, footage from the studio, or a first look at a new music video. Again, exclusivity is key.


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