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Dubset’s December 2015 Mix Transparency Report – “Dónde está Eduardo?”

dubsetMedia tech innovator Dubset is inaugurating a monthly Mix Transparency report offering a deep and timely analysis of the underlying content used in DJ mixes. This first report offers some surprises, including an ultra popular YouTube channel that appears to be hosted by a Latin ghost.

Guest post by Robby Towns, Founder of EDMTCC

image from www.hypebot.comLast month, Dubset released their inaugural Mix Transparency Report for a year-to-date look at the insights that can be gained through deep analysis of the underlying content for DJ mixes. There were several notable areas that most likely would not have been revealed otherwise. For instance, David Guetta as the most sampled artist thus far in 2015 was a bit of a surprise given the concentration of press around so many other marquis DJs. Guetta was a pioneer in bringing this music to the mainstream well before “EDM” was a part of every millennial's vernacular and continues to meld into their world.

This month marks another first for the company with the release of their monthly Mix Transparency report. Some obvious areas to draw attention, such as a Reggaeton Mix taking the top spot for the most streamed mix in November with Daddy Yankee coming in at the 6th most sampled artist. What is even more interesting is that the YouTube channel ‘DJ Eduardo’ seems to be a Latin ghost. Other than a character drawing and Ecuador noted as the country of origin, there is no linkage to any social account or website for the artist. The mix description provides the following bread crumb, but not much to go on “Part of VidaPrimo, the hottest destination for Latin Music.”. The channel has almost 400M views across only 10 videos. DJ Eduardo is without question the zen master of reggaeton, but…¿Dónde está Eduardo?

The DJs and companies behind these mixes make for very interesting case studies and profiles. DJ Eduardo is more of an exception to the rule. The majority of the mixes that make the top of the Dubset chart have been curated and promoted through a channel or profile that has invested a lot of time in building their presence across a few (not 10) key outlets. After reviewing the next 4 owners of the top 5 mixes we find the following:

DJ Regard

-143k YouTube Subscribers

-78M YouTube Views

-12.3k Facebook Fans

-4.9k SoundCloud Followers

Best EDM by Crunkz

-189k YouTube Subscribers

-33M YouTube Views

-7.4k Facebook Fans


-979k YouTube Subscribers

-159M YouTube Views

-218k Facebook Fans

-3.3k Twitter Followers


-176k SoundCloud Followers

-10.8k YouTube Subscribers

-562k YouTube Views

-141k Facebook Fans

Promotion has to be balanced with the consistent flow of quality content. Any help in driving a strategy to maintain momentum and engagement is invaluable. “We see the rankings in our charts as the tip of the iceberg for industry data and insight,” said Bob Barbiere, COO of Dubset. “DJ's are today's tastemakers and ultimate music curators. When you start digging into the “how” and “why” these DJs select tracks that are important to them, there is a completely new level of knowledge that A&R, Marketing, and Management teams now have access to. This information is invaluable not only to electronic music but across the entire music spectrum. We see it everyday, DJs spinning, mixing, and remixing future chart toppers well before those tracks ever crack the Top 100.”

Top 25 Most Sampled Tracks

Download the full report at

Oh, and by the way, if you know the whereabouts of Eduardo, please tweet or gram at us @EDMTCC #dondeestaeduardo. Maybe he can DJ our holiday party…

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