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EDM Chief James Barton Passes On SFX Offer, Remains At Live Nation

image from www.celebrityaccess.comOn December 4th, we brought you the story that James Barton was in talks with SFX to leave Live Nation and help get the flailing company get back on track. Now, however, James Barton, head of electronic dance music at Live Nation and founder of the Liverpool based Cream nightclub event, has decided to stay with Live Nation after all, says sources close to the New York Post.

Barton’s salary was too high for the financially humbled SFX, sources close to the NY Post said. Others say he was far more concerned about SFX’s financial issues.

While Barton remains at Live Nation, music sources say he’s viewed as a 'lame duck.' Barton joined the company in 2012 after selling his company to Live Nation. Reuters is still reporting SFX bondholders are hoping Live Nation might pick up the SFX assets.

via CelebrityAccess

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