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Free Streaming: A Musician’s Saving Grace?

free musicSome of the industry's most vocal commentators have decided that streaming offers little to no benefit to artists, unless they've achieved a level of stardom where earning money from streaming is no longer an issue. Services like Spotify and Apple Music may be helping artists more than previously thought, however, writes Robert Lanterman.


Perhaps we've all been too quick to dismiss streaming as a potential financial boon to artists. Such is the belief of Robert Lanterman who writes at length about the positive effects streaming can have on an artist's career in his recent post on MusicThinkTank.

"What’s possible is that artists like Taylor Swift – multi millionaire pop stars – fail to acknowledge when they attack streaming services for taking away from them is that these streaming services don’t exist to stop people from buying their albums, they exist to stop people from pirating their albums, and it looks like they might be working. For smaller, independent artists, this eliminates the huge problem of their music getting stolen and they make money off listeners who are too cheap to pay for their records (to put it bluntly)."

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