Less Than 10% Of Spotify Users Listen To 1 Full Album Per Month, According To Universal Music Group Analysis

less than 10%Is the album dead?  There's no easy answer. But an analysis of Spotify user listening habits done by Universal Music Group suggests that while artists are continuing to make albums, almost no one is listening to them.

Speaking on a panel at  the Music Ally List For Life event in London, former Universal Music Group staffer and founder of Slice Music Justin Barker shared:

“Based on research that we did at Universal a year and a half ago, we looked at free users, we looked at their album listening habits within a one month period, and we found that fewer than 10% of them listened to an album in full within that period. That’s something everybody’s got to wake up to.”

Class is dismissed so you can go an change your release plans…

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  1. I’m not surprised Spotify users don’t listen to full albums. There’s so much to listen to that you simply haven’t the time to do so.
    When you buy an album you have to spend your money and you invest more time in listening to it. When it is free it is worthless

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