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Merch Cat App Simplifies Road Merch Sales

Merch cat[UPDATED] Merch Cat offers a one stop solution for music merchandise sales and inventory management. Developed by artist manager Vanessa Ferrer, the app offers a solution to the challenges she found handling her acts merchandise on the road.

The app offers ways to organize inventory, execute payments, and get real-time analytical reports for $7.99 per month without hiring a dedicated merch seller. 

Merch cat analytics

"Artists are continually looking for sustainable and profitable ways to make a living doing what they love, and merch sales can be a significant supporter of that, if it's done right," says Ferrer. "I wanted to create a tool that artists would get – something with a clean design, and reports that make it easy to understand how the merch business is doing – intuitive on the front end, and informative on the back end. For $7.99 a month, Merch Cat enables the user to turn their iOS device into a merch manager without breaking the bank." 

Try Merch Cat free for 30 days.

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