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Musicians Hijack Booking Agency’s Social Media, Claiming Non-Payment

image from resources.infosecinstitute.comIn the wake of the financial turmoil at booking agency Elastic Artists, clients Manchester, UK MC collective Levelz hijacked the firm's social media pages to vent frustration over what they claim is a lack of communication from the agency.

According to the UK's Resident Advisor, members of Levelz posted a video on Youtube (since taken down) in which they pretended to kidnap Elastic Artists' creative director and hold him for ransom. The group then hijacked the company's Facebook, Twitter and Instragram to publicize their claim that they were owed money by Elastic Artists.

image from www.celebrityaccess.comElastic Artists social media outlets have since all gone offline, as well as their company webpage.

On their own Facebook page, members of Levelz indicated that the social media hijack was over.

“We’re going to shut down this operation now”, a spokesperson for the collective wrote in the Facebook post. “Having made our point, in a way that’s made us laugh over this situation rather than cry, and got us some PR as we now have no money for promoting our next release, or to even pay our studio rent; and also, we know how the internet works, as we’re so last Monday now we had better knock it on the head.”

"We have heard, but can’t confirm, that our actions have pushed the company into administration quicker, meaning that ex-staff will now be getting their redundancies sooner. We do hope that is the case,"

While the company's web presence has gone dark, they do not yet appear in the The Gazette, the UK's official listings for companies in administration and other public notices.

Representatives for the company did not respond to a request for comment.

via Celebrity Access

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