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Myspace Makes Resurgence For Musicians

Myspace-logo-1024x1024Although often regarded as a has-been in the world of social media in general, recent stats show that Myspace may be making something of comeback in the music world, as it redirects its focus to serve artists and artist fans.


While these days Myspace is usually dismissed as a graveyard of teenage narcissism, Nick Jakubowski has some compelling evidence that the site may live on as tool for artists looking to share their music and videos. In a recent post on MusicThinkTank, he discusses how the site's popularity with musicians has been on the rise of late, owing to the platform's decision to focus solely on artist content.

"Many independent artists are even using Myspace as their main website because the users of the site are so music-focused. Unlike most other social media sites, an account is not necessary to view a Myspace page. This gives a big advantage if you need to suddenly change your tour around. "

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