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Nominate Your Favorite Music Tech Startups And Launches Of 2015 [WIN AXEL HEADPHONES]

Best-of-20152015 was a year of seismic change in digital music. Adele aside, the recorded music industry reached its digital tipping point with income from downloads and streaming surpassing psychical sales at most labels. 

Along the way, dozens of music and music tech startups that are reshaping how we distribute, discover, consume, market and monetize music launched.

We're preparing a roundup of the best of the best that launched or unveiled a major product launch in 2015, and with a panel of industry judges we hope to use your nominations and votes to help  chose a few honorees.

axel headphonesNominate For A Chance To Win

So, let's get started by hearing from you. Each nomination makes you eligible to win a pair of very cool customizable Axel On-Ear Headphones that we will be giving away at random.

Nominate your favorite new music tech startups and launches of 2015 in the comments below. Feel free to nominate multiple companies including your own own startup. 


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  1. hi, how can i nominate a tech startup? There is no link in the article. I’d like to nominate Kwettr. Kwettr was a finalist in this years Midem Marketing competition in Cannes. Kwettr makes and rents out online pop up stores. Hypebot published an article about this.

  2. I love MixLuv, would be great to see more music collaboration across borders and locally. See artist raise from the shadow and contribute together.

  3. “the recorded music industry reached its digital tipping point with income from downloads and streaming surpassing psychical sales at most labels. ”
    Yes , I agree. Making money out of music is purely psychical at this point. Most labels and musicians sold a lot of albums in their head these years.
    Other than that, I’ll nominate Bandcamp, because they are pretty much the only music startup in the world that is not based on fluff, empty hype , and is genuinely trying to find ways to help musicians make a living with propositions that are sound and down to earth ( their new subscription offer is very well thought out )
    I’ll probably also nominate Tidal and Apple Music, not because they came up with anything great this year, but just because they didn’t try to devaluate music even more ( wich is what 99% of music startups are doing ) , and re-established the idea that music had value, had to be payed for and by not providing a free-tier.

  4. The most important aspect not addressed – the Creative Process – My nomination has this covered – MixLuv – Created by musicians for musicians – – A platform that gives musicians [all levels] access to experienced Industry Pros for collaboration, production resources, and/or advice.

  5. Magnif makes me feel like the cool kid, knowing all the shows before everyone else. And it has music too.

  6. Another one for MAGNIFI…great product that provides me with much deeper knowledge of the artists playing at the venues in my town!

  7. Musindie
    Great looking site with a broad range of features and functionality from collaboration, to community, to copyright to funding, financials and distribution – all in one site.
    Focused toward independent artists and original songs.

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