ONErpm’s Music Focused YouTube MCN Passes 1 Billion Monthly Views, 31 Million Subscribers

OneRPMYouTube is one of music's essential marketing channels, and with the launch of YouTube Red, its' potential as a significant revenue sources is growing. In that landscape, affiliation with a multi-channel network that focuses on music instead of cats and knows how to leverage music assets is essential. 

Digital music distributor ONErpm has surpassed 1 billion monthly views on YouTube, with over 31 million subscribers, cementing it as one of the world’s fastest growing Multi-Channel Networks (MCN).  In the past year, ONErpm doubled the number of channels in the network and experienced a five-fold increase in subscribers, while monthly video views jumped over 160%. 
OneRPM VidepONErpm credits its success on YouTube to its marketing and channel optimization combined with cross-promoting similar channels within the network to leverage audiences with common interests. With offices in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina, creators are also introduced to new territories and localized marketing. "Channels in our network don’t operate in a vacuum.," says Emmanuel Zunz. "We employ the combined promotional force of our creators to make sure each channel is exposed to new audiences, locally and internationally.” 
International Success For Developing & Established Artists
Recently, several ONErpm US-based artists with first time releases have been featured on prominent Spotify playlists in Latin America, due in part to the company’s strong presence in the region. Alt-country newcomers, Stringfield, released their first single and the digital distributor secured features on Spotify Brazil’s New Music of the Week and Viral 50 playlists. In the past few months, ONErpm has also released established acts including Janet Jackson, Moby, and Vanessa Carlton, among others in Latin America.
“Today more than ever, we are in the era of audience growth and engagement," says Zunz. "We approach everything we do in terms of marketing as scientists in a laboratory, identifying what works, documenting those learnings, and applying them to new case studies. One of our greatest strengths is our network and the synergies we cultivate among our members.”

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