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Pandora’s Box [OP-ED]

1 (1)A recent article in Business Insider featured Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews condemning the freemium business model which is so popular among modern music consumers, although it could be argued that Pandora is a company which perpetuates this freemium model.


In this recent piece for MusicThinkTank, Jason K Ventura discusses the what he feels is the inherent deception in Brian McAndrews' recent contribution to Business Insider, and how Pandora in fact represents much of what is wrong with the music industry.

"I believe that McAndrews and Pandora’s shortcuts to build a mega platform for on demand music service are one of their biggest mistakes. Shortcuts and around about business strategies lead to pitfalls in business. Rdio was unable to succeed with their great technology, staff, and platform. So what makes Pandora think they can over come the obstacles and challenges that Rdio faced?"

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