Pop Vs. No Pop: Integrity In The Industry

8i0KbMrjBoth a genre and an ethical guideline, this article examines the phenomenon of No Pop, and the idea that artists and music fans should move away from the conventional, profit driven music industry in order to explore a different kind of artistic achievement


In this genre-defying post on MusicThinkTank, Pierre Priot discusses the integrity-driven phenomenon of No Pop, and how it can be used to counteract the profit driven music industrial complex.

The Record Industry feeds itself, harvesting the fruits farmed by musicians, songwriters, producers, managers, promoters… The revenue must remain high and stocks should go up. Profit. Holding companies profit. Shareholders profit. That’s the corporate Music Industry’s gospel. Do you think this may provide opportunity for spawning challenging artwork? No chance. Art is out of the picture. Long gone.

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