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Songza To Shut Down Next Month, Features Transferred To Google Play Music

image from www.technobuffalo.comSongza, which was acquired by Google in July of last year, will shut down as of January 31st.  Its features and playlists will, however, still be available on Google Play Music.

Songza is shutting down on January 31st.  Its essential features and playlists will be available on Google Play Music, which acquired the popular music for your mood playlist service in July of 2014.  The Songza team announced the move in this video:


Playlists created by the Songza Concierge have been available on a free version of Google Play Music for some months.  Now, with the touch of a button, playlists created and refined by users in Songza will be available at no cost on Google Play Music.

Making this transition in a way that served Songza's millions of existing users was a priority for its founders, and that took time.  “We wanted to do everything we were doing for Songza in Play Music," co-founder Elias Roman, now Google Play Music's product manager, told The Verge. "That was not something that was acceptable to compromise on. We’re not taking anything away from people. It was worth waiting for.”

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