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Spotify To Begin Streaming New Coldplay Album “In Next Few Days” [REPORT]

Spotify newSpotify will begin streaming the new Coldplay album later this week, according to reports surfacing over the weekend. "A Head Full Of Dreams Will Be Available" to both free and paid users, reports MBW.  If correct, the move would be a reversal for the band, who appeared to be making a strong statement about free ad supported streaming when they released the album on Friday.

coldplayThe original story:

FRIDAY 12/4/2015 – Coldplay's just released new album "A Head Full of Dreams" is not be available on Spotify. But paying users will be able to stream the full album on Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon and Rhapsody. The decision is being seen as a rejection of free and freemium music by the multi-platinum rockers. The band announced that their new album would not be available on Spotify "immediately,"  leaving open the possibility that if might be available on freemium music services at a later date. 

Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon offer paid-only streaming; while Spotify also offers a robust free ad supported tier and insists that all music is available to all listeners. It's a policy  that Spotify may be forced to revisit after recent highly visible defections by major artists including Taylor Swift, Adele and now Coldplay.

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