Tunecore Has Been Hacked, Sensitive Data Revealed, All User Passwords Invalidated

Tunecorevertical2015Patreon, Spotify and several other music and music tech sites have hacked in recent months, revealing various levels of user information. Now its Tunecore's turn to tell their tens of thousands of users that their personal information has been compromised.

Tunecorevertical2015Tunecore CEO Scott Ackerman sent an email to all users around midnight on Friday night that their accounts had been hacked three weeks earlier on November 17th. "We recently discovered suspicious activity on TuneCore's servers in November," he wrote, "and that on November 17th an individual illegally collected information from our servers."

The data stored on the compromised server included customers' names, addresses, email addresses, TuneCore account numbers, and protected TuneCore passwords, according to the company. "It is possible for a determined hacker with sufficient time, using advanced computing tools, to recover those passwords," admitted Tunecore, who has invalidated all of its user passwords.  

Tunecore is requesting that users log in to their TuneCore account as soon as possible to set a new password. "You should also change your password on any other accounts or websites that share your previous TuneCore password." cautioned Ackerman.

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