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UPDATED: Major Layoffs At Capitol Music Group Including Many Top Execs

Capitol-music-group-logo[UPDATE 2] At least 10 executives and staffers were laid of last week at Capitol Music Group. Staffers in both NY and LA were affected as part of ongoing housecleaning by CMG Chairman Steve Barnett who is hiring his own team and shifting more resources to LA. Hardest hit were promotion and pr across multiple labels.


Here are this week's layoff at a Capitol Music Group so far via AllAccess, Billboard and Hypebot's sources:

  • Capitol - BuildingAna Kaplan (VP,Field Promotion & Operations)
  • Howard Petruziello (VP, Alternative Promotion)
  • Alex Coronfly (Sr. Dir.Adult Format)
  • Wanda Coriano (VP,Video)
  • Jae Jackson (Urban Regional Promotion)
  • Matt Kroepel (Marketing Director)
  • Alisann Blood (VP of Sync
  • Juliana Plotkin (VP of Publicity)
  • Shane Wepprich (Publicity)

If you have other names of staffers affected please put them in the comments below.

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  1. Bruce, check the date on that Billboard story. The publicity layoffs were over a year ago. (Also, it’s spelled “Astralwerks.”)

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