The Internet Has Killed The Record Deal: How To Launch An Album On Your Own

1 (1)Living in the digital age, the resources necessary for recording an album are easily available, but when it comes to making said music available to the public, it's easy to become lost in the clamor and end up without a single soul hearing your album. Here we outline some steps which will help you avoid such an unfortunate circumstance.


Recently shared on MusicThinkTank, this handy four-point guide by Cherie Nelson details how an independent artist should market their music when it's time for it to hit the digital shelves.

"Stop telling yourself you’re too cool to be on social media. Metallica used to encourage people to record and share their music on cassette tapes off the radio, after all. Your audience has been sharing and commenting long before you started promoting, so you have to go to them. But you can’t bank on being the next billionaire musician just because you join Twitter."

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  1. Self releasing an album is a must in our days. You do not have to worry about confusing contracts, expensive music lawyers, and accidentally signing over your music to some random record labels for life. You are in full control; you decide how, when, and where your music is used.

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