“I Hate Successful Artists”

6a00d83451b36c69e201b7c7a563b9970b-50wiWhile some struggling independent artists may be envious of those stars who see massive success with what may seem like little effort, such anger and envy may be misplaced


In sharing his recent reflections on MusicThinkTank, Jon Hockley looks at how much of the contempt which lesser known artists may unload on their more well known compatriots within the industry may be less than deserved.

"It’s nice to be acknowledged for your craft and hardwork but should it matter how much attention you or them are receiving? Only if you are interested in raising your social status. But then, an increase in social status is linked with worse relationships and anxiety. So should we really be that envious?"

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  1. I totally agree,at some point in my life i wanted the attention so badly because everyone my age was in this biz,that was when i was seventeen and the likes of zendaya,lorde,austin mahone etc were topping the charts,,so i was like since am seventeen too i should be there,i was silly,but now i know best its not about your agemates and whatever towers they are conquering,its about me my musicianship and quality output whether its millions of fans or just couple hundreds

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