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The Many Reasons Why You Should Not Enter A Musical Reality Competition

1In this article, we scrutinize a contract for a new musical reality program, revealing how little control a participant has over not only any music they may perform, but also how they themselves are portrayed, or their information and privacy in general.


In this latest piece on MusicThinkTank, we look at ten separate reasons why entering a musical reality show may not be the best move for your musical career, even in the unlikely event that you should somehow emerge a victor.

"4. You will make no money from your song being played on their television show

That’s right. You would make more money being a successful independent artist and having your music played on telelvision than to enter this reality show. NBC gets to keep all revenue made off of your song while they use it for their show and you make nothing from royalties or licenses. A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR MEDIA COMPANY DOESN’T WANT TO GIVE YOU A DIME FOR PLAYING YOUR SONG ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. Cause exposure, right? Cause new fans right? Hey, remember that guy who placed 6th in the last season of American Idol? Yeah, exactly."

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