“Popular Music Is Dumber, Duller And More Homogenized Than Ever”

image from www.mpcafilm.comCulture commentator Paul Joseph Watson, has developed a YouTube following with snarky but usually justified diatribes, turns his lens to popular music. "Popular music is getting measurably less intelligent," states Watson citing a 2015 study that showed lyrics falling from a 3rd grade reading level to 2nd grade level in the last decade.

 Here are the findings

image from dbcgmp5q1c16s.cloudfront.netWatch Watson unleash and be sure to make Kayne West signing Queen at 4:02.



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  1. There does seem to be no interest in making music that makes you feel or think but it’s not just pop. They may be the biggest offenders only because they’re the biggest selling genere. The goal of music does seem to be to sound like all the other songs. Individuality, creativity, artistic interpretation seem to require too much effort to appreciate.

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