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Pitch Your Tent: Tips For Camping At A Festival

1While camping at a festival can easily lead to some of the best live music experiences you will ever have, it just as easily become a complete disaster if proper steps are not taken to ensure you are properly prepared and ready to conduct yourself with some measure of responsibility.


In her recent guide to practical festival camping on MusicThinkTank, Emma Sturgis walks us through the process of proper preparation, finding a good location, and safeguarding against theft and criminal persecution. 

"If the festival offers site reservations, investigate maps of the campgrounds. This includes making sure the site is near restrooms and water sources. Setting up a tent directly across from, or next to, restrooms is not advised because of weary wanderers and possibly even the odor, but be in close proximity. If sites are allotted on a first come, first served basis, be sure to arrive early to get a good location. Some things to look for are level ground, dry areas, and areas away from main walkways."

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