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Spotify: The Music Industry’s Life Support?

1In his Grammy night speech, Neil Portnow let loose on Spotify, decrying their failure to properly compensate artists for their music, but with the streaming service paying large portions of its revenue to artists and labels, and taking steps to make their business model more artist friendly, is Spotify helping more than hurting?


1 (1)In this recent piece for MusicThinkTank, Jason K Ventura explores whether or not Spotify is in fact making the music industry more profitable for artists than it was during the era of downloading.

"Spotify is slowly making a few changes to their business model. Spotify is now letting artists release exclusive content on their paid tier, which in turn will cause Spotify to gain more revenue than their ad supported free tier. Ek doesn’t understand why artists and musicians are against Spotify. He only sees it from his own business standpoint."

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