10 Techniques For Promoting Your Music Video

1Here rapper Kosha Dillz shares some tips on how to effectively promote a music video to fans, publications, and even strangers in a way  that doesn't come off as irritating,  but still reaches a broad audience.


By indie hip hop artist Kosha Dillz

As time comes in for promotion, the world usually ends up in a panic. The timing is wrong and the timing is right, but it was the weekend and now that the artist isn't ok with the final cut, so we have to now change the release date and lose the premiere.  I have released videos right and wrong, but I have never gotten the full juice for the video. Today is the day we really go all in.

Here are 10 unique ways to promote a successful video in no particular order (besides #1)

1. Make an AMAZING song video – I think people get caught up in how they are going to promote a music video. They sometimes want to buy this and that and them and theirs, but the first most important thing you all forget is that if the music video isn't dope, the video isn't dope! If you are just starting out or not, please make sure that your music video is amazing. (obviously you need an amazing song to do the video.)

2. Land A Premiere: – Once you have a dope video, the most important thing, I'd say, is to shop it for a premiere. A premiere is the exclusiveness on a video that builds up the reputation of the brand you wish to present. I recently premiered a video on @HIPHOPDX which is a go to site for raw and good hip hop. If I was a indie garage black n' white minimalist video , I might think to premiere somewhere else. If I was starting out and had no press, I would premier it on Kosha Dillz World.Com, which is my own website. As long as you got something! Remember that a premier is the place where you want to drive the traffic to FIRST. Then after that, let all the sites get it.

3.  2Send to 100 friends. – This sounds easy. Just tweet it. Just Facebook it. No. I need you to literally message this on Facebook with personalized messages. You need to call people. You need to text them direct and say hey…can I get 5 minutes of your time?  Some people won't have that time (well they do but they don't want to give it to you.) I'd like to you to give me your honest opinion about the video. Once they do, ask them to YouTube comment it! (honest answer) Your viewership will go up.

4. Draft a press release –  An email blast to press lists always helps. I have written a press release about the video. If you actually copy and paste from your madmimi email blaster, (I strongly recommend ) you can track who actually clicks even in your personal outreach to one on one content.

5. Do things to help other people by engaging!- I rap . I am a rapper. The other night I was in a restaurant and people wanted me to rap for them. In all honesty I want to obsess about all the blogs that are posting and not care, but these kids want me to rap! In exchange for giving them personal rhymes, they all went to my twitter, followed me and retweeted my video. I saw the opportunity to be in the moment. If you want people to help you, do something for them without expecting too much in return. I want them to comment like subscribe and all, but the fact that I got them to engage with me online is awesome. All I am doing is what made them happy, and ultimately makes me happy. I made some new fans and they got to see a brand new video.

1 (1)6. Promoted Facebook posts – take $20 and promote to your promoted people on fb (friends of fans). If you are connected somewhat, people will be happy about taking it to the next level in sharing your product if it is a good. It always goes back to #1. Your video is dope. Now it is up to you to let people know about it. Unfortunately, FB puts a stop to that. Don't let money stop you in annoying situations like this. Put a couple bucks down to help it go further.

7. Go live on Periscope and Snapchat – spend a day engaging with fans to make them happy. Asking people to promote your video is not a great way to get people to promote a video. Going on your periscope and snap chat and answering questions for your fans and friends and telling them great stories , rhymes, singing songs live for free, will encourage everyone to go online and help you out. After I perform live this weekend on the street, I'll ask my viewers to comment and share and like the video.

8. Connect and Connect and Engage – I think in the prime of your release, you need to be engaging with people and sending it new to so many people every day. I street perform and entertain people. Once they are stoked on me, now is the time to take their phone and RT the video.  If you are feeling hung over and down, there is no better pick me up drug than a coffee and telling someone about your music. I do it every day!

9. Analog your life – Personalize your contacting experience  - no one likes to get a mass email from someone that can write them a personal email. If they are on the fence about it, they might appreciate if you have a personal effort. Say Hey. Be honest. You are in promo mode. If they can jump on board with sharing your video, that' d be great. Many blogs and writers enjoy the fact you reach out personally. Call them. Leave a message. Text. Write a email that takes you 4-5 minutes. Your results will be larger and you will represent yourself as someone who cares.

10. Hail Mary Superstar – If you have one of the dopest vides in the game, there is no reason why you shouldn't be sending your video to the big peeps with whom you have a connection. Dave Bautista was the first to RT my video and he has 1 million + followers.  Dennis Roady shared it as well plus Ali Spagnola shared it too (famous viner, youtube w/ 2 million plus twitter followers) Who are you hail mary contacts? Keep sharing and sharing and sharing. Pick 10 people to tweet your video too. that you are somehow connected with. Maybe they will post it!

EXTRA CREDIT: Make sure your publicist is Paid. – In this business the publicist must always be paid or feel comfortable. They like to go in, but if you are cheap with your payments and hard to work with, you will not be the priority. If you are on the road and can't be locked down to plug the video, you need to make sure your people are paid who are on the ground running.

I came up with these ideas because I am promoting my own video We are Different. I collaborated with Murs and I am looking for super ways to connect to more people. Maybe you have some better ways? At least I know I got #1 down. (Make an amazing video) As long as you got the first one right, you have a chance.

Kosha Dillz is a independent powerhouse rap addict that just released his music video We Are Different featuring Murs on Hip Hop DX. He performed in LA @ the Wiltern with Matisyahu last week and also curates and headlines his own SXSW showcase called OY VEY. Check out his SX showcase March 17@ Sledgehammer here and email him at rapperfriends@gmail.com to chat life business and who you will never vote for in 2020.

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