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5 Ways Songwriters Can Be More Healthy

1 (1)Not every songwriter is at a point in their career where they can necessarily afford the pampering of a personal chef or trainer, but this doesn't mean that taking care of yourself isn't important, he we look at some ways artists and songwriters can make sure they remain in good health.


Guest Post from Trill Trax

Having good standing health is often overlooked taken for granted. Traveling, eating out, stress, and inconsistent sleeping patterns all have an effect on the human body. Being a music industry entrepreneur, you should focus on your music and a clean bill of health. 

Almost every songwriters dream is to tour across the nation reaching fans through their music. What is shown on TV is professional trainers working with songwriters and chefs cooking them healthy alternative meals.

Music producer DJ Khaled has gained a lot of attention from his Snapchat clips, where he features his lifestyle change. In several clips he is seen walking on treadmills, trying a 22-day vegan challenge and accrediting his personal chef with masterful dishes.

Of course, with a resume full of No.1 singles, it is a luxury in itself to have a personal chef and athletic trainer. How does a regular songwriter develop this? How can they too reap the benefits of stardom as it relates to health? Here’s how.

Remove salt from your diet

Some of our best ideas come at times that are most inconvenient. Recording in the middle of the night followed by Chinese takeout and alcohol are not the best options. Instead try eating wholesome foods the keep you full. Fruit, nuts, grains and yogurt are great late night snacks.

Depending on where you are located most foods purchased at midnight have zero nutritional value. Like Chinese takeout, it is often riddled with salt. Salt has become one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease. Find out more

It has been a staple in food today and a huge issue. What was once used as a preservative is now a main source for seasoning. Cut back on the salty goodness or cut it out entirely. Consider that in a meal, most foods already have some form of salt within them. So cutting it out of one item won’t hurt you.

Drink water consistently

Increase your water intake. Drinking a gallon a day is nominal. It is not that hard to drink that much. Water will flush out your system of toxins and impurities. Performing vocals live can be tough if you’re constantly thirsty. Leave the alcohol alone or cut back during or before a performance.

Water will regulate the organs in your body. It will help you feel fresh. Showing up groggy to a venue is not a great look.

Although drinks like Gatorade sound good, they actually have sodium content as well. They were designed for athletes who lost a lot of salt while performing. If you aren’t fully performing, water works great.

Get adequate sleep

This particular characteristic is highly debatable. Sleep is a necessary resource. It helps the body heal so that it is ready to function the next day. Telling people you get little sleep or you’re always up working is not impressive. Make no mistake, being busy and being productive are two separate things.

When you begin touring, chances are the majority of events will be at night. So making it back to the hotel will push another couple hours back, not mentioning any extracurricular activities. Now add an early flight to the next destination, autograph signings, and business sponsorship meetings and of course your own family or self and voila, a deprived body remains.

Stimulants such as coffee, caffeine, pre-workouts, and even drugs, are only useful for a moment. Becoming addicted to using them has cons as well. Get your rest. Artists have cancelled concerts due to illness and vocal strain. Most recently pop star Rihanna cancelled her Grammy performance due to illness. Find out more

Even if you cannot get 8 hours of sleep a night, which is the recommended dose, try to get at least 6. Time management reflects on your sleeping pattern. If you make a conscience choice to go to sleep at 9 P.M. each night, then let those around you know. That is your time. This is your health, everyone can wait.

Hip-hop artists Rick Ross and Lil Wayne have had run-ins with health issues in the past due to their lifestyle choices. In particular, Rick Ross claims lack of sleep caused his seizures back in 2012. Find out more 

Eventually the lack of sleep will catch. The effects will be much harsher. Consider this, if you are CEO of your label and fall ill a day before closing a huge partnership deal, how much money will you lose? It is arrogant to assume that you can simply hop back up and continue the habit you did before.

Would you prefer to go to sleep earlier? Or have to post-pone the largest concert of your career because of your carelessness?

While it may seem like many people are burning the midnight oil on television, don’t believe everything they say. Being a boss should make it so that you dictate when you choose to work. A boss should not have to work until 4 A.M. finishing a report or calculating expenses. That is what staff is for.

A boss understands that time management and communication is vital to a successful campaign or business. Do not allow what TV and the media portray to sway what you need to do as an artist. Parties, women, drugs and alcohol will be there every day. Where will you be?

Are parties needed?

This can boil down to two avenues: public relations or personal fun. Lifestyles of the rich and famous can be lavish. The media does help portray what they want us to see. Public relations refer to celebrity gossip or sponsorship with merchandise attachment. If someone sees you in the party close to another celebrity, then people will use that. It is PR.

Another example of PR is the association of an artist and a spirit or liquor. If said artist purchases several bottles at a nightclub and shares that photo on social networks, those fans will follow as a trend. Thus boosting the popularity of that spirit and increasing profits.

Hip-hop mogul 50 Cent, known for his partnership with vitaminwater, claims that his imagery of wealthy lifestyle is not real. Find out more 

Therefore you should be aware of what matters most. Should you buy bottles every night at the hottest nightclubs? Should you buy shots for all of the alleged friends and groupies who show up to mingle?

For some, parties can lead to great ideas for songs. While others it leads to debt and money mismanagement. Atlanta producers 808 Mafia describe their worst investments with money and how much they have spent alone at strip clubs.


Producer Scott Storch is another example. He threw away money fast and got caught up in the lifestyle. Doing so made him bankrupt. Now he is clean and trying to rebrand himself.

Exercise often

Popular artist ILoveMakonnen recently shared his dramatic weight change and why he went through with it. He shared that he was fed up with being on stage winded. He noted that his fans came to see a show and that it wasn’t fair for him not to give it all. Find out more here about the dilemma that followed his health change - http://www.inquisitr.com/2855645/ilovemakonnen-drink-more-water-6-and-critics-who-prefer-fat-makonnen/

Another artist worth mentioning is rapper Rick Ross. Ross lost close to 100lbs in almost a year. He credits the change to a CrossFit fitness program from Reebok designed for him. Alcohol, heavy carbs and the time in which he ate, are all things he adjusted. Find out more 

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It does not take much to take a moment and exercise. As mentioned before, Rick Ross was able to utilize a 20-minute workout plan. Stamina and endurance are two things a live performer should have in check always. Running across the stage, singing, and jumping are all cardiovascular events.

As you can see, health is extremely important. It won’t matter how much money you make or fans you’ve reached if you are too ill to utilize either. Don’t let distractions deter you from reaching your full potential. It is easy to get caught up in the realm of celebrity lifestyle. But remember that it is not all what it seems. If your health prevents you from the business of music, then you have made a mistake that needs to be adjusted.