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SoundExchange Launches Free 20 Million Song Search Database

Sound-exchange-logoFrom music streamers lawsuits to takedowns on iTunes, song identification has become a major issue. To help solve the problem, SoundExchange, with the backing of the RIAA, has launched free ISRC Search Site that includes 20 million songs.


SoundExchange has debuted its new ISRC Search Site, a website designed to allow users with access to SoundExchange's database of sound recording information.

The free service includes access to almost 20 million ISRCs reported to SoundExchange, allowing for the fast and accurate identification of sound recordings. International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs), the standard for identifying sound recordings, are useful in pinpointing the tens of millions of unique sound recordings in commercial releases.

ISRC Search
While the database does not contain a listing of every ISRC ever issued, it contains the vast majority of commercially active recordings sourced by thousands of rights owners information. While the information has been available in other locations, this is the first attempt at creating a single online resource for ISRCs.

"The entire music community owes SoundExchange an enormous debt of gratitude for bringing to fruition this greatly-needed resource," said Cary Sherman, Chairman and CEO, Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). "Important sound recording information will now be available to everyone, from artists to record labels and music services. This portal provides the foundation on which the licensing and royalty payment systems of tomorrow – quick, efficient, transparent and precise – can be built. That's good news for all music creators."

The search tool is available at:!/search

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