The Importance Of Keeping Your Songwriting Clean And Basic

1 (1)When trying to craft a song that will stand out from the pack, many artists will often try to force intricacies that ultimately detract from the overall piece. Here we look at three things to keep in mind when composing your next song that can prevent you from overdoing it.


In this recent piece, originally appearing on MusicThinkTank, Mylène Besançon provides some songwriting advice on keeping it simple the next time you put pen to paper.

"Keeping this basic song structure in your head is the easiest way to ensure your songs stay simple and are easy to digest by the audience. Most popular songs that are highly listened to use this basic construction, which can come in the form of verse – chorus – verse – chorus – bridge – chorus for example. You can even drop the bridge for some songs or add a 'pre-chorus' if needed."

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  1. This was a good article on reminding me to not overthink my songs. I often get multiple ideas at once and end up getting overwhelmed trying to keep them together.
    I’ll try to step back and make a simple idea for each song and create a simple structure that I can evolve over time as I create the songs.

  2. These are great tips if you want to popular music. Of course when it comes to art there are no rules. Complexity can be just a poignant as simplicity. You decide where you sit on the continuum and don’t be afraid to pick and choose which rules to break.

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