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The Younger, The Better: How Attracting Youthful Fans Leads To Longer, More Profitable Careers

Xin_03208060814363121625725This article examines the unfair stigma which an artist can often receive as a result of the demographic of their fan base, and argues that young and enthusiastic listeners can be both profitable and longer lasting than many fans.


In this recent piece from MusicThinkTank, Julie Wischan makes a compelling case for the benefit to an artist of having teen girl fans, and why it is unfair to dismiss a band based on the age and gender of their listeners.

"Many musicians feel that having young women enjoy their music cheapens them in some way. Well, by all means, they can keep their trendy male fans who move on when their music becomes too well-liked, too ‘main stream.’  Who call them a sell out the moment they find success." 

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