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UPDATE: Glenn Peoples Exits Billboard Magazine For Pandora

Pandora-logoUPDATED: One of Billboard's most insightful voices, long time contributor and Senior Editorial Analyst Glenn Peoples, has exited the trade magazine for Pandora.  


image from media.licdn.comGlenn Peoples has exited Billboard Magazine for a position at Pandora, Hypebot has learned. Exactly what position Peoples has taken at Pandora is unclear; but one source says it will involve analytics, analysis and perhaps some writing.

UPDATE:  Peoples confirmed the move to Pandora to us over the weekend and shared that his new title is "Music Insights and Analytics"

Peoples was one of the earliest journalists covering digital music and music tech, first on his own blog and then at Billboard. Since joining the magazine in 2009, he has offered insightful analysis of industry trends through a critical but fair lens.

Based in Nashville, he is a member of Leadership Music's class of 2011 and was a director-at-large for the Academy of Country Music from 2012 to 2014.

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