How To Upload Your Videos To Amazon’s New YouTube Competitor

AMAZON VIDEOYouTube, which has come under fire for its payment structure even as it renegotiates its contracts with the major labels, has just met its first truly viable competitorAmazon. For creator's, that means new options to monetize their content


Amazon has announced the launch of Amazon Video Direct (AVD), a new self-service program for creators to make their video content available to all Amazon customers.

Creators can upload content via AVD's self-service platform and share it and monetize it in several ways. Video content can either be:

  • amazon AVDIncluded in Prime Video at no additional charge to tens of millions of Prime members
  • Available as an add-on subscription through the Streaming Partners Program
  • Offered as a one-time rental price or a one-time purchase price
  • Available to all Amazon customers ad-supported

$1 Million In Monthly Bonus Payments


Amazon Video Direct is not meant to be a home for cat and wedding videos, but it is aimed squarely at the regular viral content creators that are the cornerstone of YouTube's efforts to monetize the platform and broaden its appeal to more mainstream consumers and advertisers.

CashIn addition to multiple options for monetization, a new AVD Stars program will give video creators a share of $1 million per month bonus based on customer engagement with the Top 100 AVD titles in Prime Video, in addition to any other revenue earned.

Who Should Get Involved & How To Upload

While not created as another outlet for music videos, given Amazon's reach, regular content creators who own the rights to their content would be smart to get in early.

Create an Amazon Video On Demand account and start uploading here.


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