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Iggy Pop Blasts Music Industry, EDM: “Why don’t I just die now.”

image from cps-static.rovicorp.comAt  a press conference in Cannes to promote Jim Jarmusch's new Stooges documentary "Gimme Danger," Iggy Pop let lose on modern music and the music industry that supports it.

On digital: “The digital age has made collecting money so incredibly efficient. When we started our band we didn’t know what publishing was. Now you can push a button and get rich quick.

On Analog & EDM: He compared analog technology to “throwing an amp into the spirit of man,” and the frowned while mimicking a techno beat. “It’s like: woah, you know! Why don’t I just die now.”

A Product Of The Times:  Pop said that  “a product of my times” took so much acid that he can't remember much of his past.

On Over stimulation: "“If everyone could just calm the fuck down a little bit that would be good. There’s a stimulation today that’s really intense.”

Excerpts via The Guardian



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  1. “Now you can push a button and get rich quick.”
    Really ?? I’d like to know how 🙂

  2. I can’t fathom his music business analysis, but must agree with him about EDM.
    EDM is supposedly “Electronic Dance Music”, but this is false advertising.
    It’s electronic, granted, but no one really dances to it (they just pump their fists in the air and jump up an down while watching the DJ, who is actually posting updates online on his laptop), and it’s arguably not music.

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