Overheard @ ASCAP EXPO 2016

AAscap-logo-650pxSCAP Expo 2016 is a wrap. But last week's LA gathering did offer more than a few memorable moments and Adam Davis of Hypebot's parent company Skyline Music was there to capture them.  Overheard at ASCAP 2016:


 Overheard at ASCAP 2016

• "I'm a non-confrontational person.  I'm pretty easy going, like nothing really bothers me and I don't care, but when it comes to songs that's when I get everything out."  - Nate Ruess, lead singer of the band Fun. 


• "One word that's important to my songwriting – authenticity…  I have to be my weird little broken self and say what's going on in the center of my chest to be honest and the audience will recognize your honesty."  - Paul Williams, ASCAP President
IMG_2182"The best part of this whole deal is that you can do what you do for a living, you can become a professional songwriter, you can become an immensely successful songwriter, and you don't have to give up your fan card."  - Paul Williams, ASCAP President on being a fan of other musicians/composers

• "The world of synchronization involves both the creative aspects of what you pitch, how you pitch it, to whom, etc. and then is the administrative aspects of once someone's interested in what I'm doing what's the process from there, what's involved, you know, the money stuff – the legal stuff."  – Michael Eames, President & Co-Founder PEN Music Group

• "A sync-able track is obviously one that works to picture and that doesn't necessarily mean it's a big radio hit."  – Marni Condro, VP Film & TV Music Sony/ATV Music Publishing.


"Is art the consolation prize for a broken heart?" – Paul Williams, ASCAP President

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