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Slacker Radio Smartly Bets On Original Content, Storytelling In Battle With Pandora, Spotify

slacker logoFrom exclusives to curation, every streaming service is looking for unique features that attract users. As it battles Pandora and the rest of a crowded field, Slacker is putting its efforts into something that many miss on radio and online – personalities and the insights they add to music. 


Slacker Radio has launched a new version of its app that puts its exclusive and original shows front and center. With 250+ episodes now available, Slacker is building a strong archive of content based on interactive storytelling by artists and hosts.

Along with a redesigned user interface, listeners have access original artist-curated shows and themed stations that provide commentary and background info to complement the music. 

“Since our inception Slacker has been focused on reinventing the radio experience, an attribute that sets us apart from other terrestrial, Internet radio or satellite music services,” said Duncan Orrell-Jones, CEO, Slacker Radio. “We believe the magic of music listening does not come from the music catalog alone, rather the way in which the song is delivered to the listener. “The latest version of Slacker is all about providing an interactive combination of music, personality and storytelling, that can’t be found in any other music service today.”

Hypebot will publish an exclusive op-ed on the future of streaming music from Slacker CEO Duncan Orrell Jones on Thursday

Slacker is showcasing 12 original shows with a total of 250 episodes. This initial wave of original content includes:

  • micThe Count-Up: Over 100 episodes showcasing the biggest songs from major artists, as dictated by the listening patterns of Slacker users
  • Ranked: Slacker curators bring you the best, worst, funniest and weirdest from the intersection of music & pop culture, with topics like “44 Greatest Living Guitar Gods” and “The 55 Most Controversial Songs of All Time”
  • Artist DNA: Take a journey into what makes your favorite artists tick, with a mixture of music and expert commentary. New episodes are added weekly covering every major artist (new and old) from every genre
  • The Twenty: Pop culture, holidays, current events: these are 20 songs with a unifying theme, such as “East Coast Hip Hop” and “Songs Dads Like”
  • Goes To 11: Passionate musicians talk about their inspirations and tell the stories behind their favorite artists and songs
  • Throwback Thirty: A countdown of the hottest Slacker songs from five years ago, updated the first Thursday of each month with flashback commentary on what we’re all talking about and listening to
  • I Am The DJ: Leading artists curate and host their own stations, featuring stories, music and surprises

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