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SuperPhone Allows Artists To Own Their Audience, Communicate With Them Directly

2While services like iTunes, Spotify, and Facebook often make it difficult for artists to easily communicate with fans, SuperPhone provides artists with a way to directly message large groups of their fans outside of complex and crowded social channels.


Guest Post from PledgeMusic News


Since it’s our primary passion to connect artists with fans, then it’s no surprise why we’re in love with the drive behind Superphone. If Superphone is a new concept to you, it should be, since the start-up is in private beta phases. However, we’ve got the early word on the technology and what it means for bridging the gap between artists and their super fans. We asked Danny Quick to tell us more about the solution he’s providing to a very prevalent problem. This is Superphone.



The problem is obvious to many. We as artists don’t know our fans or customers and have no direct way to talk to them. Apple knows who bought your album on iTunes, but they won’t tell you. Spotify knows who streamed your music, but they won’t tell you. Facebook knows who liked your page, but won’t show you unless you pay them huge sums of money. The list goes on and on.

2016 is the year this stops. SuperPhone is a new platform built for artists, by artists, to help you “own your audience” and have a direct line of communication to your fans, outside of noisy social channels. We give each artist a phone number to talk to fans through fans through smart text message communication.

Through these conversations, you’re able to capture crucial data on your super fans. Next time you have a show in NYC or LA (or anywhere), just shoot everyone in town a text message and let them know the info. This video shares the story of how SuperPhone founder and CEO, Ryan Leslie, has done over $2M in the last two years with no label, no manager, straight off the SuperPhone.

We’re currently in private beta and looking to bring on new artists. If you’re interested in learning more, check us out at

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