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63% Stream Music But Just 10% Are Willing To Pay For it [CHART]

image from cdn2.hubspot.net63% globally are streaming music monthly, but only 1 in 10 say they are paying.  Can the music industry survive on revenue from just 10% of music's fans?


63% globally are listening to music streaming at least once per month, but only 1 in 10  of those digital consumers say they are paying for the privilege, according to a new study.

Users in North America and North America are most likely pay to listen. But, even in those regions, the numbers remain modest.

"Figures like these are not necessarily bad news for streaming services – some can gather decent revenue through ad-supported access – but dependable income from monthly subscriptions remains the target to chase," according to Global Web Index. "So, that 16-24s are the most likely to be paying is certainly an encouraging sign."

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