How NOT To Promote A Spotify Playlist

1 (1)As more listeners discover music through streaming playlists on services like Spotify, many of the service's users are scrambling to create and promote their own custom playlists within in the service, but they're not always doing so particularly well. Here we look at some incorrect methods for promoting a Spotify playlist that should be avoided.


Guest Post by Selena Fajardo on Music Biz 101

Avid Spotify users can appreciate the features that the app provides like personalized playlist and even the ability to create your own playlist. Well what if one day your very awesome Social Media 2 teacher gives you a project to create and promote your own Spotify playlist? What would be your social media promotion plan?

Personally, I would start with creating the playlist. My playlist would be a 90s themed playlist cause I LOVE 90s music. And then to be a little more specific I think I would do 90s R&B because that was the best time for R&B. I would call it 90s Bump n’ Grind. A playlist composed of the sexiest and smoothest 90s music that would set the mood for any romantic evening.

By now I think you’ve figured out that that hypothetical scenario was an actual assignment I had to complete. I had to create a Spotify playlist and promote it through social media.

What NOT To Do To Promote A Spotify Playlist

So my number one point for what not to do is to NOT PROCRASTINATE!! I know as college students I know we get a lot of work and sometimes we blow certain assignments off until last minute. When I got this assignment I thought “HECK YEAH! I’m gonna promote this playlist and get 100s of followers!” But then I made the playlist AAAAANNNDDDD…..it’s the night before this assignment is due and I have 4 followers.

What NOT To Do To Promote A Spotify Playlist

Tweets from Today Promoting My Playlist

I did very little to actually promote my playlist. I made a couple posts. I sent a few texts and e-mails and I posted a few times sporadically on social media. So I don’t think I make the best example.

So here’s a list of what you should do:

1.Make a plan. Plan out your strategy, what you’re going to say, what pictures you’re going to use. And make it a check list so you know that you’ve done those things.

2. Don’t forget about e-mail. I know It can seem a little antiquated and lame but you can seriously increase website traffic, videos views or playlist follows if you e-mail people who otherwise would just scroll past you.

What NOT To Do To Promote A Spotify Playlist

My very inviting e-mail promoting my playlist

  1. Do something unusual. I actually did a little of this from for my playlist. I promoted my playlist and I told people to have sex to the playlist and let me know how it went. It’s a simple funny or different things that make people want to click on your links.
What NOT To Do To Promote A Spotify Playlist

A very proactive text I sent to several of my close friends

4.Create a fake buzz. It’s kind of like lying but not really. Get some friends to post really great reviews of your playlist and how awesome it was (you could even script it for them) and from there create a buzz about you. If my best friend, sister, pastor, teacher likes this playlist I might be more inclined to check it out.

tweet 2

I told my finance to write something and retweet my post

5.Finally, BE CONSISTENT! Consistency is key. If someone sees your post once they’ll probably scroll past it BUT if you post everyday, week, whatever, eventually people will click.

Those are my tips and tricks for what you SHOULD do to promote a Spotify playlist. Of course I should have taken my own advice but we live and learn, right?

By Selena Fajardo
WPU Class of 2017

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