Music Is Almost As Important As Coffee For Monday Morning Motivation, Says New Survey

image from drinks.seriouseats.com64% of respondents to a new study in five countries say that they have too little motivation on Mondays. I would have guessed a number closer to 99%, but the good news is that music can help beat the Monday blues.


A new Spotify Ipsos survey, conducted in the US, Australia, Brazil, France and Sweden, found that music is just as likely as caffeine to motivate people on a typical Monday

sleep44% say music and 46% coffee help them get motivated each Monday. Music is also preferred over food (33%) and working out (28%).  Just 19% of respondents select sex as a motivator on Monday, says Spotify, demonstrating that folks would rather stream Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliott than actually get their freaks on to beat the Monday blues.

"Music is a great motivator, so it makes sense that people rely on it to help rev their engines at the start of the week,” said Shanon Cook, Spotify’s Trends Expert. “According to the survey, 42% of participants agreed they most need an energy boost early in the morning on Mondays."

Dr. Spotify recommends that you follow the lead of 40 million listeners and enjoy a healthy dose of Discover Weekly every Monday.

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  1. Thank you, Bruce, for this post.
    This actually makes a lot of sense. I used to listen to at least half an hour of tunes on my morning commute to work via transit. IMO, it tends to get my creative juices going.
    Upon arrival, I would make myself a strong coffee in the office pantry, chat with colleagues (…about work, sort of) before bothering with the morning emails. The rest of the day tends to be rather productive, even for Mondays.

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