Van’s “Off The Road”: Avoiding Vehicle Accidents On Tour

1Going on tour for the first time is certainly an exciting prospect, and while many artists are eager to pile into vans and hit the road, these same vans run into accidents with an alarming degree of frequency. Here we look at some ways artists can avoid, or at least plan for, automobile trouble on the road.


In this automotively inclined selection from MusicThinkTank, Robert Lanterman discusses how artists can get ahead of inevitable van trouble on the road, and thus avoid having their entire tour go off the rails.

"Van check ups are important, so take some extra time to look and make sure everything works properly. Are you equipped to go as many miles as you need to? Are all of the fluids filled and is your battery in good condition? When will you need to change your oil next? Check the latter specifically when you can, even if you think you don’t need to. Tour costs money – don’t make it cost more by doing something stupid that could end up trashing your vehicle."

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