10 Reasons Musicians Fail On Social Media

1 (1)Virtually every career musician has some kind of social media presence but, as with so many things, some artists are better at it than others, and many musicians handle their social media terribly. In this illuminating piece, we look ten different ways artists can make a mess of their social media presence.


In this latest post from MusicThinkTank, Joy Ike takes a hard look at how artists can use social media most effectively, and take corrective action to alter some bad posting habits they may have fallen into.

"Forget about what makes your fans like your music. More importantly, what makes them like you?

Sharing content is (strangely enough) like being in a relationship. When your fans like you they are more likely to come to your shows, share you with their friends, and support the things you’re doing – which happens to include the stuff you’re advertising."

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