10 Ways To Book More House Concerts

11Sought after by many artists, but singer-songwriters and acoustic acts in particular, house concerts are in many ways the holy grail of live shows, requiring little promotion while still providing an extremely rewarding performance experience, yet many artists don't know how to get these coveted gigs.


In this recent ten-step bit of advice on MusicThinkTank, Joy Ike shares several techniques artists or their managers can employ when working to book house concerts.

"Seriously, ask your friend. If you see your friend playing a house concert series, ask them to connect you with the host. This works best with established house concert series that are always scouting out new music to add to their lineup.

This does not necessarily work for a regular homeowner who only hosted your friend because they are his/her superfans. For them it was a one-off, not something they are looking to do monthly."

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