Complete Guide To Email Marketing For Musicians

1 (1)Although social media tends to get most of the focus when it comes to artist's online marketing, email remains one of the most effective ways for artists to market themselves to their fans. Here we look at a comprehensive guide to email marketing, from choosing a platform, to analyzing data.


In this new post from MusicThinkTank, Jon Ostrow provides a brief but complete guide to email marketing for artists, as well as advice on how they can build a sizable mailing list.

"No matter what you put in your email, if the subject line isn’t attention grabbing, the email won’t be opened. And that great email you worked so hard to put together will never be seen.

Again there is an art, and a balance, to a great subject line. You want your fans to be so intrigued by your subject line that there is no question they will open the email. However, it needs to be relevant. You don’t want people to open the email, only to be annoyed that whatever you promised in the subject line doesn’t actually exist."

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