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How Department Of Justice Verdict Negatively Impacts Songwriters

11Here an entertainment lawyer lends his perspective on a recent decision handed down by the Department of Justice, a decision which ignored the advice of copyright experts and served to further strip songwriters of their rights.


In this piece on MusicThinkTank, Wallace Collins examines the impact had by the DoJ recent decision, and the many departmental failings which accompanied the pronouncement of this recent controversial verdict.

"Congressman Doug Collins of Georgia’s office said that the DOJ “sent an email to Congressional staff assuring that the review was not complete and that parties and stakeholders would have a chance to provide their views before the review was completed. However, reports from the meeting and DOJ’s own positioning appear to indicate that DOJ has already determined what direction they will take.” Additionally, Congressman Collins stated that the “Department of Justice’s position is arrogance at its worst."

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