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Did Kanye West Help Make Taylor Swift Famous? Pandora Dives Into The Data

taylor + KayneAs the battle between Taylor Swift and Kanye West continues, the rapper continues to maintain that he made her “Famous.”  Pandora dug into their data to analyze the way their listeners engage with both artist’s music to answer the question once and for all. 


Taylor Swift vs. Kayne West Stats

  • image from www.hypebot.comBoth Kanye and Taylor are top streamed artists on Pandora, with over 4B spins each
  • To date, listeners have added 33.2M Taylor Swift stations, compared to the 15.8M for Kanye
  • Taylor’s most popular album, 1989, has over 551.7M spins
  • Kanye’s most popular album, Graduation, with 143.5 million spins
  • Kanye’s most popular track, “Stronger” has over 413.7M spins and 16.3M thumbs up
  • Taylor Swift’s most popular track, “Blank Space” has over 386.7M spins and 14.9M thumbs up
  • Battle of the “inspired by” songs:
    • In the past few months, Kanye’s track “Famous” has racked up over 15.3M spins
    • Taylor’s track 2010 track “Innocent” about Kanye has over 30M spins
    • In the past month, “Famous” has been thumbed up 68% of the time, while “Innocent” has been up thumbed 51%

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