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Indie Beggars Group (4AD, Matador, Rough Trade, XL) Was Hacked – Change Your Password Now

image from stream-seo.comWe're sadly getting used to hearing about the big evil mega-corps getting hacked. But an as-cool-as-any-record-label-can-ever-be indie? Well, The Beggars Group has been been hacked and they are urging all U.S. fans of their roster of indie darlings to change their passwords asap.


The Beggars Group, home to independent labels 4AD, Matador, Rough Trade Records, XL Recordings and Young Turks – has  been hacked and is urging its U.S. customers to change their passwords. Beggars distributed artistsinclude FKA Twigs, Cat Power, Sonic Youth, Vampire Weekend, xx, St Vincent, Pavement, Interpol and Queens of the Stone Age.

According to a letter sent to users last week. a third party appears to have collected data including "customers name, address, phone number, email address, payment card number, expiration date and security code” from anyone who bought or attempted to by any Beggars related product from the site  between April 28, 2015 and May 4, 2016. 

Beggars Group Labels

Beggars Group Labels Involved In The Hack

“On May 4, 2016, we were advised by our third-party website developer that it had identified and removed suspicious files from the e-commerce websites of the record labels for which Matador Direct is the distributor,” Matador president and co-owner Patrick Amory wrote in a letter to users dated July 15th. “We quickly began an investigation and hired a third-party cybersecurity firm to assist us.”

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